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Mediation Program

The Mediation Program empowers Indigenous youth ages 13 to 18 by offering the support and resources you need to positively resolve conflicts or misunderstandings in your life.

Our clinical counsellor works with you, and others in your life (identified by you), to encourage and facilitate discussions so that you can find solutions to problems before they become crises. When you are involved in a disagreement or conflict with others in your life, mediation offers you the opportunity to meet face-to-face in a safe and neutral place.

The foundation of the mediation program is teaching positive communication and problem-solving skills. With this foundation, we facilitate conversations that can help you stay at or return home, remain in school or training, and positively interact with your family, friends, and peers.

Program Activities

  • Helping you and others in your life develop communication and problem-solving skills, together or individually
  • Helping both sides better accept, respect, and interact with one another
  • Strengthening your ability to see both sides of the issue
  • Helping safely identifying emotional impacts of the situation, issues that may be leading to problems, and areas to work on
  • Facilitating conversations between you and your peers, family, or friends, focusing on reducing misunderstanding, finding points of agreement, and together working out a solution that is fair to all involved

How To Get Involved

This is a voluntary program for Indigenous youth ages 13 to 18. You can self-refer or be referred by someone else, as long as you are aware of and agree to the referral.

Family members can also directly access the support and resources of this program, to work with our counsellor on issues affecting Indigenous youth in their lives.

To get involved, contact our intake counsellor directly below.

Our mediation counsellor also spends time building relationships with youth through various UNYA programs, such as Cedar Walk and Aries alternative education programs, and Brittania Community Centre counselling services.