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Now Hiring: 2 Drop-In Counsellors (F/T 1-year contracts)

March 16, 2022

Qualifications and Conditions:

  1. Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Counselling, Counselling Psychology or Social Work from a recognized program. Or a college diploma, and/or a certificate in substance abuse treatment, and a minimum 1 year of relevant education & experience working with Indigenous youth in a counselling setting.
  2. Recent/related experience providing professional counselling services to youth who have substance abuse issues and/or mental health illness or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
  3. Demonstrated experience establishing rapport and working effectively with Indigenous youth, and youth who may be experiencing substance use issues. Demonstrated broad based knowledge of the family and social issues that Indigenous youth face today, including the intergenerational impacts of the residential school system on Indigenous families and communities.
  4. Demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of psychotherapeutic and counselling skills, including excellent skills in narrative & solution-focused counselling, client-centered collaborative practices, and culture as therapy. Demonstrated ability to assess and respond appropriately to emergent situations.
  5. Demonstrated working knowledge of adolescent developmental concerns, youth substance use and mental health issues, and their interactions.
  6. Demonstrated strong understanding of, and a willingness to participate in, Indigenous protocols, ceremonies, and other practices. Specifically, must demonstrate a strong knowledge of Indigenous healing modalities and a strong working knowledge of other community resources in Vancouver, particularly indigenous-specific and youth A & D resources.
  7. Demonstrated ability to plan and facilitate workshops and other programming focused on traditional Indigenous medicines and protocols, Indigenous history, substance use, self-esteem building, life skills, relationships, abuse, trauma, traditional Talking Circles, and other substance issues affecting youth.
  8. Demonstrated strong written and oral communications skills – including the ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks, maintain accurate case management files, and prepare reports. Must also possess strong knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
  9. Must also demonstrate the ability to identify with the mandate, policies and procedures of the organization.
  10. Must have a personal support system and self-care plan in place.
  11. Must have a criminal record check completed by and satisfactory to UNYA.
  12. Given the needs of youth accessing our services, priority will be given to qualified Indigenous applicants.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Plan and implement activities for the Health & Wellness Counselling program, including: the provision of culturally-appropriate one-to-one and group counselling sessions for Indigenous youth; connecting youth to safe supportive services and programs, and facilitate their access to other supportive cultural activities in the community.
  2. Ensure cultural integration in all aspects of programming while focusing on the family systems perspective, which addresses surrounding systems which either positively or negatively impact the health and wellbeing of youth. Educate youth in regards to safe health practices.
  3. Work in cooperation with others (including UNYA programs and other community partners) as needed to plan, implement, supervise, and evaluate individual supports, daily and weekly programming, workshops, and group outings (cultural, social, educational, and recreational). Positively participate in programming and activities in order provide a positive role model experience for youth.
  4. Consult with youth and other appropriate individuals to identify the needs and goals of individual youth. Ensure that case plans as identified are implemented effectively. Ensure the ongoing utilization of appropriate community referral networks.
  5. Actively assist in ongoing development and review of program components. Positively address any concerns, incidents, or crises which affect youth participants, program mandate, UNYA policies, community relations, etc., and seek input/direction from the Director of Clinical programs on an ongoing basis.
  6. Assist with maintaining monthly statistics and written client reports and records in order to meet UNYA and funding requirements.
  7. Respect and assure youth participants of confidentiality in the community and with other service professionals. Respect and maintain the confidentiality of staff issues within the team, with the exception of the Director of Clinical Programs.
  8. Attend and positively participate in staff and community/inter-agency meetings as required. Attend professional development seminars to keep current regarding alcohol and drug misuse/abuse and other issues affecting youth.


To Apply: Submit a cover letter (stating the position you are applying for), a resume, and contact information for (3) references via email to the attention of Director of Clinical Programs at: [email protected] incomplete applications will not be reviewed. No inquiries. Only those short-listed will be contacted. Closing date: Friday April 1st at 4:00pm.

UNYA accepts complete applications for advertised positions, only. You must state clearly on your cover letter which position you are applying for. All applications must be sent in electronic form, to the email address specified on the posting. Hard copies and unsolicited applications / resumes will not be reviewed, but immediately destroyed