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Chief Executive Officer Job Description

January 26, 2021

UNYA’s Mission: “Urban Native Youth Association is the centre of Indigenous youth excellence, supporting youth on their journeys by amplifying and celebrating their voices.”

UNYA’s Vision: “Empowered Indigenous youth leading and inspiring all Nations.”



Job Summary: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) works closely with and is accountable to the Board of Directors for developing and maintaining a culturally rich and safe space for Indigenous youth and a resource driven, efficient, and effective organizational structure that enables an externally focused, continuously improving, and results-driven organization that is accountable to the community. The CEO is accountable for strategic planning, structuring, staffing, resourcing, directing, and evaluating outcomes of the organization.


Areas of Accountability: As the primary support to the Board of Directors, the CEO will ensure that the Board has the information, resources, learning opportunities, and support required to lead the organization by fulfilling their individual and collective roles. The CEO supports the Board by attending and supporting all Board, Committee, and other meetings to ensure good communication and discussion.



The CEO will formulate and recommend to the Board a minimum three-year strategic plan that is consistent with the Urban Native Youth Association’s (UNYA) mission and policies. In accordance with the Board approved strategic plan, the CEO has the responsibility for achieving strategic goals through the development, implementation, and evaluation of operational goals:


• Ensure sound implementation and monitoring of programs, services, projects and contracts

• Ensure activities are being completed to drive forward the Native Youth Centre Project

• Pursue and lead other projects to ensure the growth of UNYA

• Establish and maintain mechanisms to regularly engage with community and stay informed

• Establish and monitor key indicators of UNYA’s impact organizationally

• Ensure effective and efficient allocation of human, financial, and other resources

• Utilize marketing and communications strategies to broadly highlight the good works of UNYA through the media, an annual report, social media, and other key methods

• Demonstrate excellence in reporting to Board, partners, and funders on successes and lessons learned

• Develop and submit proposals for Board approved new strategic initiatives

• Identify, secure, and increase diverse funding sources and partnerships



The CEO provides direct oversight to UNYA’s senior staff in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the annual operational plan, ensuring that key objectives are met to move UNYA closer to the fulfillment of strategic priorities and its mission. Furthermore, the CEO:


• Provides effective leadership to employees and volunteers by setting, embodying, and holding people accountable to high standards

• Ensures that all employees and volunteers are inspired, motivated, and guided to contribute
fully to UNYA’s mission, core values and strategic priorities

• Empowers employees to identify innovative approaches to enhance organizational strategic and operational performance

• Attracts, motivates, and retains a team of direct reports, selects consultants, and sets compensation in accordance with approved budgets and policies

• Establishes the mandate, accountabilities, and authorities of all employees and consultants

• Develops necessary depth among senior management to ensure effective succession



 The CEO ensures that:


• The organization is not vulnerable to instability by developing and maintaining a diverse funding base, including business opportunities such as social enterprise

• Assets are adequately protected and maintained and not unnecessarily exposed to risk

• All professional, licensing or other accreditation requirements are in place to satisfy legal, regulatory, and other requirements

The CEO will prepare, maintain and report monthly to the Board on complete organizational financial statements, which contains adequate information, to enable:

• Accurate projection of revenue and expenses based upon historical and current data

• A forecast of cash flow and expenditures

• Disclosure of planning assumptions



With respect to the actual on-going financial condition and activities, the CEO shall not cause or allow the organization to be placed in a position of financial risk or a material deviation of actual expenditures from Board priorities established in Ends policies.



The CEO remains current on trends in Indigenous community development and youth matters, as well as social, governmental, voluntary, business, and economic sectors to ensure that UNYA has the best possible information with which to consider and address emerging issues. The CEO builds and maintains relationships with politicians, government representatives, the private sector, media, and others to advance UNYA’s mission and goals. Through personal behavior, the CEO establishes a strong and respected profile to promote the understanding of UNYA’s mission, core values, and strategic priorities. The CEO is the media spokesperson for UNYA. The CEO utilizes broad influencing and negotiating skills when dealing with individuals, organizations, governments, and others.

We will be intaking applicants until February 15th 2021 or will end the posting when the position is filled. Due to time constraints, only those short-listed will be contacted. Thank you for your application!

We will be intaking applicants until February 15th 2021 or will end the posting when the position is filled. Due to time constraints, only those short-listed will be contacted. Thank you for your application!



• Experience in leading an organization, staff, and volunteers

• Experience in providing strategic direction to major projects such as the Native Youth Centre

• A post-secondary education in business management or related field (graduate degree preferable) or demonstrated equivalent in education and experience

• Experienced in management practices: planning, organizing, communications, partnership building, organizational policy and procedures, financial management/controls, emergency response services management

• Demonstrated experience empowering individuals and building strong teams towards achieving a common goal

• A demonstrated working knowledge of Indigenous community-based programs and services, funding sources, community relations and Board relations

• Solid understanding of historic and current issues impacting the lives of urban Indigenous youth

• Public relations and excellent written and oral communication skills

• The ability to function independently, frequently under pressure, while managing multiple projects and deadlines




If you would like to become a part of this tremendous team send a cover letter and resume to the Jolene Andrew at [email protected]

To best support Indigenous youth in this program, preference will be given to Indigenous applicants. If you identify as Indigenous, please let us know in your cover letter.

We will be intaking applicants until February 15th 2021 or will end the posting when the position is filled. Due to time constraints, only those short-listed will be contacted. Thank you for your application!